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Raga Press is owned and operated by artist,
educator and master printer, Ron Garrett and his
wife Audrey.
"We had been incubating the idea of
a full time studio for many years, in which Ron's
varied artistic and musical talents could flourish.
So when we acquired a studio space earlier this
year, we knew the time had come - and 'Raga
Press' was germinated in August 2012."

The word "ra-ga" has its roots in the Sanskrit
language, and dictionary.com defines it as
'one of
the melodic formulas of Hindu music having the
melodic shape, rhythm, and ornamentation
prescribed by tradition.'
Wikipedia defines it as 'the act of colouring or
(the mind and mood/emotions in this
context) and therefore metaphorically means
feeling or passion especially love, affection,
sympathy, desire, interest, motivation, joy, or
And we define it as 'a formation of our 2 initials
and first 2 letters of our last name - RAGA which
brings out the ultimate beauty of our lives together
- east and west, art and business.'

This site is a 'labor of love' for us, and is in its
infancy. We hope to add several exciting features
in the months to come, so check back with us
Thanks again for stopping by today
for your interest in the fine art of printmaking.

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L O C A T I O N   &   C O N T A C T

Nestled on a quiet lake in beautiful
South Florida we are available by
appointment only.

For art consultations, commissions or
printing requests contact:
Ron at ron@ragapress.com

For purchase of artwork on this site or
any web related questions contact:
Audrey at audrey@ragapress.com

Or you can reach us on the      
telephone at :
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Morning Raga - 1st cut composed
and played by Ron Garrett
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